Monday, May 15, 2017

poem ~ the apology

You avoid them
because you don't know what else to do,
When if you'd think about it
you could apologize for treating them so rude.

We all make mistakes
and do things we regret,
But the choice to repair the relationship 
is better than carrying the weight of it on your chest.

Relationships really aren't that complicated 
because we all know deep down what to do,
When we openly show our love
it's really simple what forgiveness contributes to.

Putting up these walls
to keep everyone away,
Doesn't solve a thing
as you go about your day.

You're only building more layers
of hurt upon your heart,
Which is going to make things more difficult 
to get the key to reach inside that part.

The choice to dissolve the issue
is only one you can choose,
Because nobody can make you
live a life of unresolved apologies, but you.

I promise that the tension between
you and your friend that's suffering,
Won't diminish the hurt you bring
in the silent treatment that you fling.

A simple statement that you can make
that says I'm sorry I hurt you,
I didn't mean to be this way
please forgive me for how I affected your view.

It really doesn't take that much
to restore and make it new, 
But you have to care for something more
than what's going on inside of you.

Yet it seems we often go
long periods in painful silence, 
Wishing we could escape 
the results from the words we hastily said.

Oh how we let it eat
away at us like grief,
When if we'd let it go
there would be connection of our souls.

Life doesn't have to be
this fragile or painful to enjoy, 
There's always a way to show we care
if the determination is right there.

It's up to you today
to show which path you'll take,
For some things never go away
unless the high road you generate. 

So as you step back and think about
your friends and loved ones dear,
It's in your hands what you do
to restore relationships that matter to you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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