Monday, May 15, 2017

poem ~ just forgive you

When you go to a blame game mode
and are finger pointing to,
You've lost the connection
to what's hurting inside of you.

Sometimes it's very hard to see
what brought this about to be,
But if we stop to think we'll discover 
there's more peace when I just look at me.

When I connect to what I'm feeling
it allows me to feel beyond the bleed,
And not stay in desperation
making you the reason for my need.

For I can't control what you do
or ultimately how you treat me too,
But I can guarantee that I've got my part
if I stop and search with all my heart.

Instead of asking why you did 
the very things you did to me,
I'd get more ahead if I'd just live
extending grace and let you be who you be.

To be defensive and shut you out
causes more pain then what life's about,
It's better to forgive it's true
then hold onto all the pain inside of you.

But to get to this point
requires me to look beyond the facts,
And focus on what I'm feeling
to create a vision that will match. 

To get outside of the grip
of everything you ever said or did,
Means I've got to communicate
and not keep it all bottled up under a lid.

To resolve the pain in my head
requires I let go of the story I know, 
And share with all my heart
so connection can restart. 

I must take responsibility too
for the choice is mine in the blame game view,
To prevent this hurt to wreck havoc more
and destroy our friendship to the core.

All I can ask is that you listen to
everything I say to you,
As I give away a part of my heart
in hopes of healing the broken parts.

No matter what you choose to do
I can't hold back because of you,
I must love you even more
for this is what Friends just do.

© Misty W Gilbert
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