Thursday, May 11, 2017

poem ~ Mothers Day

I want you to know
just because there is a Holiday
called Mother's Day,
It doesn't change some things
for some of you.

I know
because it doesn't 
for me either,
Even though
you always think about it yearly too.

It would be good if you'd understand
and not make assumptions,
That not everyone 
has one in their life 
like you do.

Not every person 
whose become a mother 
wants to be one,
Or loves their child
like you do.

Some of us have a mother 
who told us we were
never welcome back home,
And who doesn't
care what we do.

She doesn't want to see us,
isn't proud of us,
And does not want 
to be with me 
like you do.

The words I love you,
I honestly do,
aren't apart 
of her vocabulary 
like it is for you.

I don't say this
to make you feel guilty
or to even feel sorry for me too,
No I tell you so
that you understand the truth.

Some of us 
have had to make make a life
of doing it alone,
Because of the abuse and lack
of a Mother's heart in our home.

We've decided to see 
this loss in our life,
As a chance to help 
heal someone else's
broken heart.

Because when you've been there
you can honestly say,
You know what it's like
to be rejected 
by the very person who made you.

Let me remind you,
if you have 
a sweet Mom in your life,
Don't abuse her or take her for granted
because you've got something really special.

Please don't just wait for Mother's Day 
to see her or tell her 
what you think of her,
Make sure you acknowledge her
and her incredible love for you!

© Misty W Gilbert
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