Thursday, May 11, 2017

poem ~ the way of love

You tell me
I don't know how you do it,
But I'll tell you
I do.

For you see 
what you make so very complicated,
is very simple to do.

But to see it 
from my perspective,
Requires you to quit thinking 
like you always do.

To have 
what you want in life,
Means you must start 
always with love.

You can't just love
when life is going well,
You have to love
when you're being drug through hell.

For love must be patient 
when you want it done now,
Or even when you've told them 
a million times how.

For love will choose to be
always kind,
No matter how ugly 
you treat me this time.

I must take the slap that you give me
hard on the cheek,
Because when I connect to love
this will never make me weak.

I can't ever be envious 
about what you have,
When we've all been given
the same pattern to grab.

There's no reason to boast 
about it at all,
For there’s no arrogance in love
you just answer it's call.

To love from the core
means you'll never be rude,
You've got to choose
to be genuinely true.

To care about others
in their pain and their hurt,
And not be self-absorbed
as if that's gonna work.

To be filled with love
means I won't easily be upset,
Because I know the value 
of living from the heart is best.

To operate from love
means I can't stop and tally up,
All the wrongs that you've done
as if this is the way the battles won.

No love means 
I'll not find it in the book,
Because it's been erased 
and there's absolutely no record ever took.

Love will always celebrate 
the best of all things,
Because honoring injustice
has no blessings to bring.

When you want to have love
you seek for the truth,
Because in this search
love is never far from you.

Love can never be hid
or become obsolete instead,
For love is the door
to every answer you're looking for. 

Love will never 
put up a fight,
For it suffers long
every day and every night.

It handles anything and everything
that remotely comes along,
Because it trusts, hopes, and endures 
every day like a song.

To live from the heart of love
means I reason with choice,
And that I must not live 
in my childish voice.

So no matter what you say
I'm gonna tell you today,
That it's truly a choice
to make love be your strongest voice.

It's truly not hard
or even complicated too,
Because you can live 
in faith, hope and love anew.

© Misty W Gilbert
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