Tuesday, May 16, 2017

poem ~ prayer to see me through

I asked you to pray for me
so I'd know what to do,
With a client situation 
that's rocked my world thru and thru.

I know the intrinsic value 
of having prayer warriors around you,
Who believe in God
and the power of what He can do.

Ten days have come and gone
and I know now clearly what I have to do,
It's gonna be one of the toughest conversations
but I know who'll see me through. 

Some things have no turning back
or alternative view,
You have to face the consequences head on
and not back down to the values you hold true.

I know you think I'm extremely strong
but I wish you could see the grave look on my face too,
As I deal with the outcome
of a client ripping my heart in two.

Yet as I step back and review
my 13 Years as a Woman Entrepreneur,
I've been placed in other difficult things
which have allowed me to do this one too.

The lesson in this situation once again
is to find the inner strength within,
To move in dignity with no fear 
as I stay committed to my vision clear.

No one ever said this road my Friend 
wouldn't be really hard to live,
But when you look for opportunities to grow
you will find they always show.

I'd appreciate your prayers for me
as I proceed with what I have to say,
That I'll be given the appropriate words to convey
what's got to be done to resolve this difficult situation away.

Thank You for allowing me
to make this request of thee,
You have no clue how much your friendship helps
or the strength your prayers bring to continue in this step.

© Misty W Gilbert 
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  1. I will pray for you this evening that you are able to resolve this issue in a positive way. Hugs to you.