Sunday, June 25, 2017

poem ~ the box of fear

You stand in the hallway 
with your face right by the door,
Considering your options 
scared to make the step forward to more. 

You glance around whose next to you 
and think you cannot see,
Any good reason to leave 
all that's familiar to thee.

You retreat back into the hall
and feel the darkness invade,
The comforts of these walls 
is a security that you've made.

You're scared to let your feelings show
in this decision that you've made,
Even when the outside world is there
to release you from the cave.

You question how others do it
to move beyond their fears, 
And long to know what life's about 
instead of staying hidden in here.

You see a beam of light
coming from the other side,
And you contemplate the strength it gives
and feel a bit of renewed hope to live.

Your heart is crying out for more 
to remove the shadows of your fears,
But the chains that keep you here
seem more difficult to clear.

You wonder what it will take
for you to move beyond the fears you think,
Yet the comfort zones you know
keep you stuck in this box alone.

Your fear is suffocating you
from living life at all,
Because your scared to make a change
will hurt more than these walls.

© Misty W Gilbert
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