Sunday, June 25, 2017

poem ~ what if

What if we realized 
in order for something new to be birthed,
We have to go through pain 
for it to be born?

What if we realized 
to have something better,
We have to let go 
of what the past revealed?

What if we realized 
that the promise of more,
Was never the benefit
of keeping score?

What if we realized 
to fully allow life to be,
We can't let our eyes 
expect it to be something differently?

What if we realized
that feeding our doubts,
Only holds us back from being the 
beast we were created to be?

What if we realized 
in this cycle of life,
That the volatile state
is the beauty we get to create?

What if we realized 
the power we have,
Because we've been given the keys
from the creator of eternity? 

© Misty W Gilbert
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