Tuesday, June 20, 2017

poem ~ fear of letting go

Today I step forward 
and face more of my fears,
That are holding me back
from living my best years. 

Life isn't meant to feel 
you can't make a mistake,
No God never asked me 
to be perfect in each step that I take.

The judgements of others
keep me stuck in these walls,
Desiring to be made free
of what everyone is expecting of me.

In acceptance of this level 
of more letting go,
I cut my hair shorter
to help me release control.

To fight all the statements
that everyone makes,
About what is right or is wrong
in each path that I take.

It's time to look deeper
at what it means to be a Friend,
And only keep those
whose vision aligns with this trend.

It seems weird to say it
and yet it is true,
I'm going to unfriend many
who don't wanna be true.

True to the connection
of what a relationship means,
True to the desire 
to love beyond everything. 

True to the need
to continually be fake,
True to the realization 
of an honest mistake. 

True to the foundation 
and God given plan,
To live from the heart
without fear of man.

True to the belief
that I can control, 
The life that I live
in and out of this mold.

True to the feeling
that I've been made for more,
That I am beautiful 
down deep in my soul.

True to the triggers
that live forever within,
From years of abuse
from religions boxes.

True to the desire 
I've got everything to give,
True to the realization 
I've got nothing to loose.

True to the standards 
that I set for me,
True to the notion
I don't have to please thee.

True to the feeling 
deep in my heart,
That the still small voice
will always leave it's mark.

True to what matters 
most to me now,
True to the fact
I've got to let go somehow. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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