Tuesday, June 20, 2017

poem ~ I wanna be real

I wanna be real
in my image of me,
I don't have room for pretends 
in any agreement with Friends.

I wanna be real
every day of my life,
For this is when connection 
becomes greater then life.

I wanna be real 
as I search for the meaning,
Of having a choice 
in suffering and grieving.

I wanna be real
and accept it all,
Because to pick and choose 
is asking for a fight to loose.

I wanna be real
even when it hurts,
And I loose all my Friends
that promised to never desert. 

I wanna be real
when confusion I face,
As I try to figure out
which path I should take.

I wanna be real
in my quest to just live,
One day at a time
is enough to each of us give.

I wanna be real 
when I say I want more,
Then mediocrity in the battle
with fakeness the given norm.

I wanna be real
and authentic with you,
Not hiding anything 
I've ever been through.

I wanna be real
when good enough I don't feel,
Because of the challenges
childhood abuse brings me still.

I wanna be real
when I struggle to cope,
And lack the courage to find 
a reason to have hope.

I wanna be real
instead of people pleasing to be,
Knowing deep down
that none of that should matter to me.

I wanna be real
and not just in my head,
As I long to be courageous
with the ability to forge straight ahead.

I wanna be real
and loving to the core, 
Believing all things happen
to bring good stuff out even more.

I wanna be real
even if you don't, 
For we all relate to those 
who are authentic the most.

I wanna be real
even when you mock me,
For sharing my message
to encourage and inspire thee.

I wanna be real
no matter how you take me down,
Because I believe
in the courage to wear my crown.

© Misty W Gilbert
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