Thursday, June 22, 2017

poem ~ Girls Weekend

I've got the room ready
for you to come and stay,
I'm glad you feel comfortable 
to come hang with me for a few days.

It seems forever 
since it was just you and me,
As most of the time
you've got all the kiddos with thee.

We're gonna have a blast
as we spend time catching up,
Eating and laughing
and crying through the tough stuff.

I promise I won't hog you
each and every day,
As I know you've got a wedding
and other Friends to see on your stay.

But I'm anxious to see you
and catch up again,
Because it's been a week from hell 
and I'd like it to end.

I love all my Friends 
and don't get enough time with them,
So thanks for making me a stop
on this trip back to Texas Girlfriend. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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