Thursday, June 22, 2017

poem ~ single with a purpose

You ask if I'm single,
what's it to you?
Please won't you just get to know me
for who I am,
Without trying to make
some ulterior plan?

I get I'm attractive
with absolutely beautiful blue eyes too,
But life consists more of
what's on the inside
Then what your viewing
from me on the outside.

If you spent more time
asking questions from your soul
Maybe you'd know more
about life
And how all these things
make a relationship come alive.

Perhaps if you spent
more time seeking and not trying to get
But to appreciate
the opportunity next to you
Then maybe you'd see
why I am single and what's made me become me.

If you considered it fully
then maybe you would see
That life isn't achieved
by your marital status instantly
And perhaps you'd live each day
much more intentionally.

© Misty W Gilbert
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