Sunday, June 18, 2017

poem ~ my Dad

Dear Dad
I want you to know,
That I think about you sometimes
when I'm walking this road.

When I see a little girl
alone with her dad,
I wonder what that would have been like
to have a Dad who wanted me bad.

To be able to hear your story
and look into your eyes,
And learn what life was like for you
when you were just my size.

To hear you talk of other things 
not just Bible Stories and such theologies,
Like how you came to be this man
and what made you become who you am.

I'll never be able 
to hold those things dear,
But it doesn't stop me
from wondering about them each year.

When I see pictures 
that everyone posts,
Every Father's Day Holiday 
on Social Media the most.

It's not an option 
for me in my life,
But I'll always consider it
when I look at Father's Day thru my eyes.

Some don't understand
how you can move on with no regret,
But when you realize everyone has a choice
you quit expecting what you can't get.

When you see how someone else
controlled how you live,
It makes you have pity
and becomes easier to forgive.

Because I know
really deep down,
You were were a miserable man
simply trying not to drown.

If only you could have seen
other options to live, 
Then maybe you wouldn't have died
a lonely man deep inside.

I really believe 
you truly wanted more,
But you didn't know how
to live life beyond the wife you adored. 

You let her control you
and tell you what to do,
Like you were a child 
who was still only two. 

I can only imagine
how hard it was for you then,
When everything you wanted
was taken from your decisions.

Maybe this is a reason
why I've become so passionate about mine,
Helping others to create
what they intentionally want for their life. 

I'll always love you 
because you're my Dad,
Even if you weren't 
what other little girls had.

© Misty W Gilbert
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