Sunday, June 18, 2017

poem ~ a pile of curls

A pile of curls
there on the floor
Because she was tired
of the length growing out more.

She needed it shorter
like it used to be too,
As she's gotten accustomed to it
not being longer anymore it's true.

So yes she cuts it
all by herself,
It's one of the ways 
she stays in budget these days.

For years she had it
way past her waist,
But she can't take it anymore
and the feeling it creates. 

So back to the chin
she cut it again,
To add some more sass
to her face with a grin.

Don't tell her you like it
the ways it was before, 
Because she doesn't care
what you want my dear. 

She lived 37 Years
doing what everyone said,
And it's time now she lives 
her own happy life instead!

© Misty W Gilbert
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