Wednesday, June 21, 2017

poem ~ the wonder

I wonder what it would take
for me to be free,
From everyone's rules
about who I should be.

I wonder what makes it seem
that I have to stay so stuck,
In the expectations of
what all of this means.

I wonder how I can shift
from staying in this box,
To living more in alignment
of what I am and not what I'm not.

I wonder what it would be
to live connected to me,
Instead of spending so much time
worried about connecting to thee.

I wonder how to face
loving myself with more grace,
Beyond just the words
in activity of everything I face.

I wonder what provokes
me to shut down somehow,
When this is the desire
of all of us right now.

I wonder if everyone
did more of this,
How much we would engage
and be happy in the life that is.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert

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