Tuesday, July 4, 2017

poem ~ Independence & Freedom

what is it to you?
How do you connect 
to the things you long to do?

does it run down deep in your soul?
And give you release
from the things that burn to control?

will you embrace it in every single way?
Choosing to walk
in the abundant life paved today?

is it to live from the curse of life?
Letting go of everything 
that's kept you chained up inside?

can you see what it means?
Will you believe in its power
to live life beyond the things that you've seen?

will you receive it within?
And remove the boxes 
paced by all your fellow men?

can you see it as a choice?
To let go of the lies
and embrace the voice of life?

how can you not share?
The life that it brings 
to everyone far and near?

© Misty W Gilbert 
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