Sunday, July 2, 2017

poem ~ sick day

The body is so strong
and amazing at what it can do,
It holds up under pressure
and keeps fight though the tough stuff to.

The body can be weak
at the same time too,
Not able to take
anymore of what you're putting it through. 

Long hours without sleep
and limited water consumption, 
Make a chic out of balance
in two crucial components. 

Add some stress
and employment issues in the mix,
And you'll suddenly find
yourself in a big fix.

No matter how much
you just try to go and do,
Sometimes your body tells you 
it's time to halt things for a few.

The pains there to remind you
that something's amiss,
And to get back on track
requires your attention to this.

Don't fight it's message
for it won't do any good,
Your body is perfect
it just needs to be understood. 

Show yourself some love
and speak kindness to your soul, 
For not one of us plans 
any sick days to go.

Take care of you
because you only get one,
And in creating the balance
you'll resume racing along. 

© Misty W Gilbert
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