Wednesday, July 19, 2017

poem ~ look beyond

You wonder what you can do
to change someone's life,
When all it takes is
to give them a bit of your time.

Help them to see
how you value you and me,
And show them you really care
by the way you feel about their affairs.

Listen to what's going on
inside their heart and mind today, 
And let them know you're sorry
for all the pain exposed along the way.

Look into their eyes
and see the beauty of who they are,
Quit trying to heal 
all their deep wounds and ugly scars.

Feel their perspective as your own 
in all that grieves their soul,
And then maybe you'll come to know
the person you wish you'd always known.

Say the words they need
to hear from you just because, 
For you can never say them enough
when I Love You benefits all of us.

Don't stop and ask what you can do
instead just look around to see,
For I promise there's much more
then you could ever hope to explore.

© Misty W Gilbert
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