Thursday, July 20, 2017

poem ~ the wall of pain

We all have inner wounds
that bring deep grieving too,
For circumstances that happen
that we never planned to go through.

Sometimes they can hurt worse
with even the gentlest touch,
For the pain that's on the surface 
can be triggered by oh so much.

When someone thinks they're helping
and tries to comfort you with their care,
Sometimes you wish they could see the truth
of everything going on in there.

No matter how it looks
from the outside looking in,
I promise even in pretending to be tough
they really want the pain to end.

It takes a heart to be vulnerable 
to share the details with you,
So you can change your perspective about
all the things that they've been through.

It's weird what can trigger it deep
even after years of healing energy,
The wounds can leave such great scars
for healing comes through layers and parts.

It can be as simple as a glance
or snide remark or two,
That pushes their hot buttons
as memories come flooding through.

To share in someone's pain
means to love them through it all,
For to make it harder for them
will only build up invisible walls.

No matter how it may seem
to someone else today,
Kindness to each and everyone
will help them make it through these things.

© Misty W Gilbert 
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