Thursday, April 1, 2010

start or finish projects???

There is nothing more inspiring or motivating than seeing something that you so want to create yourself!  You know that feeling that just pumps you up, makes you energized and gleaful to start a new project?  I am sure you have experienced it!  You almost feel like a little kid in the candy store with the happy prize you are gonna get.  I love it all: the dreaming, the searching for all the materials, the research on how just to do the project, the actual creating process, and even trying your hand at something completely new and maybe even making it look like an old knock off of someone elses.  But how do I do at finishing the project?  Sometimes, I am right on target and finish it in a day or two!  Sometimes I completely loose heart.  Why???  I only wish I knew.  Is it because I was still wanting to be there creating when the duties of life pulled me away from that fun thing or the bedtime hour was screaming at me and I knew if I didn't listen I would be paying the consequences the next day when I was supposed to be alive and working hard on the job?  or is it because this creative project is not turning out like I invisioned?  or because it has become totally exhausting and time consuming?  I have on more than one occasion made resolution to finish ALL started projects before I start another one, but the dreaming and creating is so fun...who wants to pick something up and try to figure out where you left off or how to make this limp looking thing alive and refreshed and inspiring once again?  I work well if I have a deadline, real or imagined.  There is just something about the thought of someone seeing my house with piles around of "things" or an unfinished job that makes me get my focus in gear and totally spurs me on to complete a project and work under time constraints that are usually beyond conceivable to accomplish.  I am just curious, are you a starter or a finisher of projects? How do you keep yourself inspired all the way through the project?  How do you keep yourself going? Share your tips with me in the comments because I am wanting to be inspired to do better and tackle that stack of unfinished projects.......

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