Friday, May 7, 2010

another update on Terry

Tonight was my first time to get to visit with Terry in his new unit on the Behavior Health floor.  Jeff also was there to visit with him.  You have to lock all your belongings (cell phone, keys, sun glasses, purse, etc) up in a locker and take the key with you.  Anything you bring in has to be checked at the desk and "approved", i.e. Daniel Sollenberger had bought a nice set of fancy pencils and spiral bound drawing notebook.  He was not allowed the pencils because they were too long and not allowed the notebook because it was spiral, so we ripped out some paper and they gave him short 3" stubby pencils with no eraser.  I had written him a letter (which you can read an earlier post here on the blog) and the 5 verses I wrote out on 4x6 cards (also on an earlier post) and gave them to him when I saw him.  Everyone is in sock feet as they are not allowed shoe laces, belts, etc. He was calmer and not arguementative, but still doesn't believe that he deserves to live and doesn't want to be on any medications.  Jeff talked with him asked him if he was aware of what would happen if he didn't remain cooperative...Terry said yes, move him somewhere else...Jeff said yes, somewhere you really don't want to go, where the REALLY CRAZY people go. Jeff read a little bit from I Peter 3 and Psalms 103.  He told him he should draw how much he has been forgiven.  While we were visiting, Paul Moore came by.  Jeff went out so that Paul could have some time with him and I could stay as there are only 2 of us allowed in at a time.  After a bit, I got up and left so that Jeff could come back in.  Paul left 5minutes before the end of the session and I got a few more minutes with him.  I will be attending the family counseling session tomorrow and then be there for the visitation at 4pm for an hour. 

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