Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have 6 followers on my blog now!!!

you probably think me crazy...but its okay, I probably am!  I have six friends following me on my blog now.  Yah, I am way behind some of my other blogging friends both in the number of friends/followers I have, lets not mention all the many other aspects of my blog that are lacking, even though I have been blogging a really long time, even longer than some of them newbies, but I guess they have had time to figure out all the cool ways to get your friends to follow you, probably have way better, awesome, great intriguing and interesting posts, plus they enjoy keeping up with the latest blog information and know things about MckLinky and what not that I don't...maybe someday I will have that kind of time, for now, I count my blessings...I have two more new friends!

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