Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals & Resolutions

Each Year, I create my list of Goals & Resolutions for both personal and business goals, but the last 2 years I started publishing them on my blog also.  In 2009 I also did quarterly updates on my blog as to what type of progress I had made towards this goal.  In 2010, I only did 2nd quarter & 4th quarter updates.  If you wish to review 2009 Goals & Resolutions or 2010 Goals & Resolutions, click on the links, you can search for the quarterly updates too.  I had 5 goals in 2009 and 10 for both personal and business in 2010. This year, I am creating only 5 as I felt I had better results with less.

personal goals

#1 create and implement Balance in all areas of the wheel of life (spiritual, physical, intellectual, family, social, career, and financial - each of these have goals within them listed below):

begin each day in prayer that God direct me in my path & integrity of my heart; read a chapter or some of favorite verses; remember Sunday is renew your spirit day, no business work stuff

commit to a workout schedule 3-4 times weekly; log into daily; resume diet with no wheat, sugar or trans fats - eating lots of raw vegetables; take all vitamins & supplements daily; get 8hrs or more of sleep which means I have a set schedule when I go to bed & when I get up each day

read 2 and/or listen to 2 audio books a month, at minimum; blog about each with a book review highlighting my nuggets and take-aways

spend an evening every two weeks at the home of someone I consider my family (since I don't have family in Texas)

email a few of my friends weekly; call a few of my friends once a month; write my friend in prison once a month; entertain company once a month on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon; schedule a lunch date weekly with a girlfriend

focus on building the business with 1-3 new clients in 2011 (more on this section below)

pay off 2nd mortgage by the end of 2011; keep budget simple at basics; try to implement the $3 a day/$1 a meal food budget; will resume scheduled savings when more clients or other work is obtained (savings was cut to a minimum with the loss of my job in August 2010)

#2 motto for the casa: A Place for Everything & Everything in its Place (borrowing a quote from the Pottery Barn catalogue a few years ago)
which means organize, cull, condense, minimize, sell or use up things in & around the casa - attack a section of a room for 15-20minutes a day; weekly list items on eBay & Craigs List.

#3 lead a quiet life, one that creates peace; remove anything that doesn't contribute to this

#4 Think on Good Things...don't be negative

#5 Schedule one weekend a month off - just for me, creating me time or fun plans

business goals

#1 obtain 3 new Clients this year with the goal of one a quarter

#2 complete design of business marketing materials: postcard & brochure by February 1st, 2010

#3 Home Office remodel will be completed by mid-January 2011

#4 enroll in accounting courses to further education -spring 2011; take a course in Microsoft Office to learn more about graphs and pivots

#5 review EntreLeadership materials quarterly for refreshment & encouragement (rehearse, execute, review); check in with EntreLeadership friends to motivate, encourage, gather ideas, share and cheer each other on success;  review & define motivation, delegation, responsibility, accountability, and authority in my position so that I have a clear picture in view to stay focused on what I expect of me & my team

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