Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 1 of LiveBIG reflections

1st Day of Conference is over. 
10 hours {two 90 min breaks}. 
12 pages of notes. 

Top 3 Nuggets: 

#1 release those things back to the person who gave them to you {this was a dynamic link for me beyond previous work done in letting go concepts}

#2 look at the results you are getting that you don't like, trace back the emotions to uncover your "beliefs" in whats holding you back so that you can change them.

#3 you have a choice: You can believe I am not good enough or you can believe I am good enough. The choice is yours. 

My I am Statement: I Am a Courageous, Generous, Loving Woman.

#LiveBIG with Gerald Rogers and Tony Litster

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