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My Journal Nuggets from Day 1 of LiveBIG

I am attending LiveBIG in Salt Lake City, Utah (technically in Sandy, Utah, about 30 minutes from the SLC AIrport).  I will be doing some personal blog posting, but today's post is simply to share with you the nuggets from this event.

The music playing as we walked into the event was the song: This is your Life, are you who you want to be?

Gerald Rogers
Ask yourself tough questions.  Meaningful questions.  What is my purpose?  What is possible with my life?  What does it mean to LiveBIG?

Be passionate.  Meaningful.  Purpose Driven Life.

What do you want to experience?   What are you willing to do to make that happen?  Are you willing to let go of what's limiting you?

You have a special calling.  Be the best you can be.

Sometimes its a scary moment to let go.  To have courage.  To ask questions.  To test your wings.  To soar.

Play a Level 10.  How you play the game here is how you play out there!  Get outside your comfort zone.  Engage.  What you get out of it is what you put into it.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Rewrite the stories of your life.

First question for the day to Journal:  
"What does it mean to LiveBIG?"  
{I will do my answers at a later date.}

Leverage the lessons learned from your past.  Be in love with you.  Treat it with respect.  How do you live each day?  Is it within this focus of living big?

Your life is a Blank White Canvas...How do you want your life to look?  Trust and know the answers will come.  This is worth investing in.

Second question for the day to Journal:  
"How does it look for you to live big emotionally, physically, spiritually?"
{Again, I will do my answers at a later date explaining how I want to LiveBIG.}

We matched up with a partner.  We had to share with them what living big looked like for us.  They shared with us.  We had to look into their eyes for a full minute.  Then we had to tell them what we saw:  
"The greatness I see in you..."
See yourself for who you are from the space of your greatness.

LIES = limits.  TRUTH = free.

Lies are stories we tell ourselves about who we are.  Step more fully into the truth...the truth will empower you.  Be in alignment with truth and confidence in the outcome.  Be reminded and reintroduced into truth each day while you are here.

An introduction into each of the team, what they do, who they are, why they are here and what they want for us out of this event.  The theme:  You get to be who you are truly are by forgetting about who you were told you were.  We want you to experience full love and greatness.  Not pain.  Frustration.  Doubt.  Fear. Limits.

A review of the rules during these 3 days.

Be committed to your commitment.  So you can have order.  Life does happen and we have to make choices.  Are they more important than your commitments?  Be in integrity with your commitments.  Results happen because of your commitments.  Trust your own word because you know you will follow through.

Commit at 100% or 0%.  Either commit all or nothing.  All is YES, completely, fully.  Nothing is NO, and is okay.  It is okay to say NO.

Question:  Why do we feel we can't say no.  {There is a lot of engagement with the audience.  I chose to answer this question which made me be chosen as the spotlight for the next part of this session, about 15 minutes.  I will do a whole post on this later.}

We all have had experiences.  Many of them are neutral experiences but when we give them meaning they create a definition we give them.  Each person has their own experiences then create for them meaning, and their own definitions that they have attributed to these experiences.  Not everyone has the same experience, meaning or definition to the same statement or experience.

End of the Morning Session Challenge:  Ask someone what it means to LiveBIG!

Return to begin the Afternoon Session:
Reviewed the question asked to people when we went to have lunch as to what does it mean to them to LiveBIG.

Discussed that we all need buddies, what are the attributes of buddies, what we need or want from a buddy, how to be a buddy, and they had us pick a buddy.  Girls with girls.  Guys with guys.

We then were asked questions that our buddy answered so we could learn more about them.  We then were asked questions so that our buddy could learn about us.  And of course, they touched on everything!

Marci Lock
Why am I stuck?

You are powerful beyond measure.  What we know we are is based on what we have been told and experienced.

Experience = Decisions/Beliefs = Identity = Patterns/Behaviors = Results

All you want is to be loved. Peace.  Freedom.

The story that you are living is what you believe about yourself.  You carry out your actions by what you believe.  Internal World = Outer World.  Your actions will validate your feelings/internal beliefs.

Remember who you truly are.  Create that image.  Whatever you are looking for you will find.  Everything I am experiencing is my choice.

1.  Attract
2.  Interpret
3.  Act Out

You eventually sabotage it if you don't believe it is good enough.  Allow yourself to live in different beliefs/belief systems.  Triggers will create you to carry out your interpretations.

From your roots you get your fruit.  Your results don't lie.  What do I want?  What do I want to be?  Plant a new see to create a new tree to create awesome fruit.

We see failure and quit.  Forget who you were told to be.  Forget who you think you are.  Be who you believe you are.

Third question of the day to Journal:  
"Write a list of your beliefs through your stories, your life, your family/friendships/relationships/people, events."  
{Again, I will share mine with you later.}

Become conscious of your words, your feelings, your thoughts, your actions.  Why do I feel what I am feeling?  What is the action to create what I want? What will that give me?  What do I want?  Is it true? 

Be okay with you.  Let it be a mirror for you.  Don't be attached.  Look at the root cause and clear it.

Rework your web...cut your strings.  Rewire your subconscious.  Don't just get it intellectually.  Don't live in a mask.  Don't avoid the pain. Look at the resistance.  Find yourself.  Create new patterns and beliefs with what you want.  Believe it.  Fight the voice {the voice in your head}.

Fourth question of the day to Journal:
"What results is/are not working in your life?"
We then watched a video from Bob Ross about painting on canvas.  Here is the video and here are my nuggets from it:
"Paint a lot of good thoughts until its your belief...all you have to is're the have freedom on this canvas...believe you can create can do anything you want to do...this is your world...I believe!"

Bri Litster
Everyone has breakers you have to break through to get to the point that you can glide the waves.  Emotions are supposed to teach willing to go through the pain to get the joy.  

Be a positive force.  Negative never equals positive.  You can't avoid negative experiences or trauma.  But you still have a choice.  They influence how we see the world and ourselves and how we interact with the world.  Make a choice about what we will do with the trauma because its who we believe we are.  

When trauma happens, you go into survival mode.  You just exist.  Trauma produces victims or victors.  Trauma is an event that you can't escape from.  Own it.  Quit reacting.  Have courage to go through the fire.  Emotion is tied to our trauma.  You have to step back and deal with the negative emotion.  Feel it.  Release it.  Let it go.  The emotion will lead you to discover it.  Stop and listen to what you need.  Don't let the emotions pull you under.  Don't let it own you.  See the beauty in who you are.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  You are perfect NOW.  Change your definition of perfect.

You are more than what happened to you!  God doesn't make junk.

Tony Litster
Stuff that happened will show up again.  If unexamined we will sabotage everything.  Choose between being right vs successful.  There is a difference.  

You have another chance every day to try again.

Learn how to process it so it doesn't ruin your life.  The right might be bumpy.  

Fifth question of the day to Journal:
"If only I was..."
"...then I am OKAY." 

That's a lie.  It never ends.  The need to validate yourself.  The expectation that everyone has their **** together is impossible.  Nobody has it all together.  These are impossible games.  If I chose in {to these lies} then I can choose out {of these lies}.

You have two choices:  You are or you are not enough!

Create a story you can win.  Create a game you can win.  
"I do the best I can with what I have and when I mess up, I learn!"
When our story changes, we start to see things by our fruits.  I am the maker of The Story/My Story.  Take a look at your story, is it possible?  Does it serve you?  Is it an impossible game?

We then had  an exercise with our eyes closed to take us to a safe place, relax, explore our beliefs, to not carry the old stuff anymore, answer who are you, change your story, develop a vision and to reinforce it so it becomes who you are.  

Gerald Rogers
The purpose of today is for you to figure out who you are.  you have the capacity to be a different personality depending on the circumstances you are presented and living in.  

We did a Soul Script Personality Test.  We then interacted in the 4 groups and learned more about ourselves and others.  

Sixth question of the day to Journal:
"Who are you?  Create three words that describe yourself and repeat it."

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