Sunday, May 25, 2014

a night of Praise & Worship with Emma

I have some really amazing and creative friends...Emma is one of them.  She sent me this unique text message last week, being very creative in how she asked to spend time together and to let me know that she has been missing me.  She knows I have been a little preoccupied lately with some other stuff and she wanted me to know that she wanted to spend time together...having friends like that is sweet!
text message from  Emma

Emma & Misty

Converge at The Edge Coffeehouse

Converge at  The Edge Coffeehouse

We had a lovely evening of Praise & Worship and Prayer!!! It was absolutely amazing...the nuggets I took away from our time were these:

God will sustain you.  Yes, cast all your cares on him, FOR HE WILL sustain you.  

At church this morning they reminded us that God paid the HIGHEST price for you...tonight, they asked us to remember this.  I want to reflect on what message this has for me in my life right now.

Every person is unique and special.  Grab a hand and hold on for LIFE!

a double rainbow as we were leaving...

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