Tuesday, March 29, 2016

poem ~ you took my heart

You took my heart
Grasped in your hands
Believing in it all
The relationship would stand.

This thriving organ
Full of love demands
As it breathed it's energy
From life in your embrace.

This new found concept
Of love swept my face
It wasn't taken lightly
This choice of a date.

You squeezed real tight
Afraid to let go
Asking over and over
If I would leave you so.

I promised always
To show you love
No matter the outcome
Of this thing called love.

Good Morning Gorgeous!
You always said to me
I was beyond blessed
Each day you texted me.

How could one rock
This world of mine
And make such a difference
Each day at a time?

In embracing each moment
As I chose to do
I learned so much
From the interaction with you.

Always searching
For an answer or clue
A way to transform
Your relationship view.

The days that you gave me
Will always be viewed
As one of the highlights
Of feelings I knew.

The love that you showed me
Will always be missed
For how could one not
Remember each kiss?

The day came abruptly
This choice you had made
To choose none other
Then aloneness for better.

No matter the reason
You chose to let go
It is hard to fathom
Why love you would throw.

In searching the questions
How someone could know
That love isn't an option
They want to grow.

In all the moments
Of heartache we face
There is so much truth
In forgiveness and grace.

My love will remain
Constant and true
For in this my heart
Originally found you.

No matter my journey
Of life on from here
I know that in time
This will be history dear.
~ written by Misty Gilbert 03.29.2016

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