Monday, May 8, 2017

poem ~ just be

Take a deep breath
and breath in n out,
Just relax a little more, 
give yourself a break
and trust your very core.

You're not meant to be perfect,
no, you won't always get things right,
You're a human being
and perfection 
isn't what you were created to be.

You don't have to spend so much time
trying so very hard, 
Maybe even stressing yourself out
or beyond that
flat out burning yourself out.

Even on the days
when the pressure is sky high,
When the expectations soar even higher
you can choose to be kind
and gentle to yourself. 

Yes, trust me...
just sit with your feelings,
And let it all be
for nobody wants you to be
anybody else but you.

You're perfect with your inevitable flaws,
more beautiful in your vulnerabilities too,
Your imperfections make you gorgeous
because you're just like me
your completely one hundred percent human.

© Misty W Gilbert
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