Monday, May 8, 2017

poem ~ the life of printer ink

When your printer 
runs out of ink
and you can't finish
your project
it makes you forget
what you're even
supposed to think.

Oh the fun games 
we play
with ink these days
as we try to do our work
and get projects done
we have to stop 
and hunt for some.

At $75 a pop
not for just one 
but four 
because you need
magenta, cyan, yellow, and black
I spent $400
just like that.

So much for 
getting a bunch of 
work done
I get to put this project
on the back burner
and leave it sit 
yet again hon.

Nobody remembers
if there is an extra on the shelf
or if they ordered 
two of them last time
no matter how you try 
to always have a stash
you will run out of it.

Why are we so dependent 
on something like ink
that really is useless
because in just a few days
you will file it away
and forget you ever had it
or scan it and shred the original.

Everyone says 
we should be
completely digital
yet I have to sign here 
on the dotted line please
with my ink pen
because its required to be.

I think someone needs 
to come up with a better solution
to help us entrepreneurs
who live in a digital
and paper world
to be productive
and yet achieve work with ink.

© Misty W Gilbert
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