Monday, May 8, 2017

poem ~ Life's Choices

It's another week
with choices upon me,
How I live in the moment
and let decisions define it.

To live in the space of fear, 
shame, guilt and regret, 
Or to find peace and love
in forgiveness and letting go of it.

To believe that I can
choose exactly what I want,
Knowing this life that I live
is ultimately mine to dream and create. 

To stay stuck in the past
or afraid of the future,
Doesn't give me the energy 
to live with a purpose.

To have the ultimate 
of everything here,
Requires that I approach 
all things with vulnerability near.

To stay focused on courage 
and the connection it brings,
When I'm living and thriving 
in the simplicity of the strength it brings.

The choice to be better
or stay in the box, 
Of living in freedom
or all the should and should not's.

The option to choose
faith, hope and love,
Requires me to be patient
and continually move.

The foundation of all
must begin in the spot,
Of looking through the lens
with gratitude a lot.

Just do the next best thing
in what is before you,
Believing with your heart
that this is the purpose for you.

© Misty W Gilbert
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