Monday, June 19, 2017

poem ~ some days

Some days I just don't feel
like I get anything done,
When I get interrupted 
before I even begun.

Some days I don't want 
to do it anymore,
When the chores seem to go on and on 
until I'm blue from the bore.

Some days I believe 
I can do this again,
And sometimes I wonder
who I'm trying to convince to win.

Some days I feel the challenge 
to step out of my cave, 
Until someone tries to put me
back in the grave.

Some days I know
the courage it takes to begin,
But sometimes it's harder
then I ever anticipated my Friend.

Some days I want
to be on top of them all,
And other days I wish
I could hide behind the wall.

Some days I am ready
to bound out of bed,
But many times I want
to just pull the covers over my head.

Some days I feel 
I've come so very far,
Other days I wonder
if all everyone sees are my scars. 

Some days I connect 
with everything from the heart,
And some days I don't
even know where to start.

Some days I want 
to take risks it's true, 
Other days I believe 
it's scarier than this plain view.

Some days are beautiful 
and you accomplish much on the todo,
Yet other days you forget
that this one will pass too.

Poem Written By: @mistywgilbert 

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