Sunday, July 9, 2017

poem ~ the beach walk

I walk along the path
not knowing where it goes,
Content to just enjoy each step 
that leads to where the water flows.

Along the path I see
sandunes piled on each side of me,
The plants that grow up from the birms
loom bright green through sandy turns.

The path is sprinkled with shells and such
discarded by the waves they've touched,
It's hard to believe this exists 
around the world just like this.

Emerging up from the brim
I see the ocean in front of me,
How can I not gasp my breath
and be thankful for this day of rest. 

The endless sea is calling me
to come and sit with its beauty,
And watch as the waves toss and roll
one of top of another in an endless flow.

The roar of the waves that crash towards me
are a blissfulness to witness, 
As I watch them do their thing
I feel a peace settle beneath all I see. 

The meaning of such times like this
no words can convey the depth of it,
It's something that lives in your soul
and gives meaning to the world you know.

© Misty W Gilbert
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