Sunday, July 9, 2017

poem ~ the volatile life

Part of me is angry 
that after all the work that I've done,
That there is more yet to do 
in finding true freedom.

Part of me is hurting 
at the work coaching brings,
And the things it tears up
that are hiding in me.

Part of me has cried
at all this has done,
To stomp on the beliefs
that I have held onto like a gun.

Part of me is flabbergasted 
that you can find it so fast,
Even when I've let go
of so much awful trash.

Part of me wants the pain
just to go away,
Because I feel
it's too much to deal with today.

Part of me knows
that to deal with the light,
Means humanity must be discovered
through the darkest of nights.

Part of me gets
that truth can really hurt,
Because it will cut through
all the tough spots of dirt.

Part of me resents 
the threads of abusiveness,
That threaten to torment me
and makes this a volatile mess.

Part of me hates
when you tell me to let go,
Because I know what has come 
from staying true to my soul.

Part of me is irritated 
when you tell me I'll be just fine,
As if you know what I am going through 
in this quest of life that is mine.

Part of me wants to run 
oh so very far,
From everyone and everything
that's been a part of my journey thus far.

Part of me understands
that to get to this place,
I've got to face all the demons
that haunt my beautiful face.

Part of me wishes
there's a place I could leave, 
All this baggage I have to sort through
to become freer indeed.

Part of me feels
through all of this mess,
I'm gonna find deeper beauty
that gives more strength not less.

Part of me is grateful
for what others see,
And how they help me uncover
who I want to be.

© Misty W Gilbert
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