Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving @Tom&Jo's

Terry & I were invited by Drex & Bethany to do Thanksgiving with them.  At the time of the invite, they were not sure what they would be doing but they said they would let us know and it ended being with Tom & Jo.

I volunteered to make the mashed potatoes.  Jo informed me that her family LOVES mashed potatoes and to make sure that I made plenty.  She told me this twice and stressed how much they eat LOTS of mashed potatoes.  So, I did research on the internet.  They said to allow a potatoe a person or 5lbs of potatoes for 10 people and they were roughly planning on 40 people, so I did 20lbs of mashed potatoes.  I was originally just going to make them as my mom did, but decided to change and make the recipe from Pioneer Woman's Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes.  It was hard work, my house was steamy and I was pressed to get this all done and be ready to leave by 11am for a noon arrival...and I didn't make it, I left at 11.30am.  I had called Terry 4 times to see if he was coming and wanted to ride with me, but he ignored the calls and text messages.  I headed to Pecan Plantation to have dinner with everyone at Tom & Jo's.  Lots and lots of people were there:  Tom & JoLinda, Steve & Kay, Dave & Charlotte, Drex & Bethany, Jon & Melanie, Grandaddy & Phyllis, Alan & Jenny, Jon & Tracy, Derrek & Jill, Stanley & Kendra, Michelle, me, Anthony, James & Garret...and all the kids associated with these families!  We had sooooo much you can tell from the pictures below.  We had so MANY mashed potatoes...we only used half of them!  In the evening, Phil & Amanda, Brian & Shelley, and Gilbert & Connie came. 

It was a fun spite of the sadness with the phone call from Terry at 3pm with the news of his decisions to use drugs the night before.  He missed out on a great opportunity and a way to enter in and enjoy christian fellowship, love & support.  I stopped by Jeff's house on the way home to discuss the situation with Terry.  I got home very late but before I did, I researched the Black Friday deals on pots & pans.

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