Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals & Resolutions

Each Year, I create my list of Goals & Resolutions for both personal and business goals, but the last 3 years I started publishing them on my blog also.  In 2009 I also did quarterly updates on my blog as to what type of progress I had made towards this goal.  In 2010, I only did 2nd quarter & 4th quarter updates.  I feel it is helpful to take time out and reflect on where you are at and if you are making progress, but that takes focus to make that happen, and then time to actually write it down and publish it on the blog.  If you wish to review 2009 Goals & Resolutions2010 Goals & Resolutions or 2011 Goals & Resolutions, click on the links, you can search for the quarterly updates too.  I have had various goals from 5 - 10, but I continue to find more strength and focus when I limit it to just a few.  This year, my personal goals are much the same as last year because I feel more work still needs to be done in these areas; however this year I will also add a theme to my focus.

personal goals

#1 create and implement Balance in all areas of the wheel of life (spiritual, physical, intellectual, family, social, career, and financial - each of these have goals within them listed below):

spend time each day in prayer that God direct me in my path & integrity of my heart, that He will give me the strength to face the events in my life, the courage to press on, the help to change what needs to be; read a chapter or some of favorite verses or a daily devotional

continue to commit to a walk every morning for 1.5-3miles; log into daily to track my exercise; continue a healthy food diet with no wheat, sugar or trans fats - eating lots of raw vegetables; take all vitamins & supplements daily; get 8hrs or more of sleep which means I have a set schedule when I go to bed & when I get up each day; continue to drink lots of water and don't forget to pack it in the car when traveling to client offices; don't continue to push myself when I can tell my batteries need recharging

read 2 and/or listen to 2 audio books a month, at minimum; blog about each with a book review highlighting my nuggets and take-aways; continue the process of learning more information in the my field of business specialty (medical billing & accounting)

spend an evening every two weeks at the home of someone I consider my family (since I don't have family in Texas); have a lunch/dinner date with a girlfriend every two weeks, more if possible

email a few of my friends weekly; call a few of my friends once a month; entertain company once a month on Saturday night or Sunday afternoon

focus on continued employee training with new employees; continue to find ways to provide excellent service to my clients; build 4 more strong clients; book 5 speaking engagements for the year

pay off new Honda Civic by one year anniversary date of purchase (March 30, 2012); continue to not spend money on anything that is not a need; resume scheduled savings of 10%

#2 in the quest to simplify and lead a quiet life: 
spend one hour each week in the efforts to organize, cull, condense, minimize, sell or use up things in & around the casa - attack a section of a room for 20minutes 3x's a week; monthly list items on eBay & Craigs List; enlist help from friends on ideas and suggestions on how to do this

#3 Schedule two vacations for the year; book one weekend a month off - just for me

business goals

#1 continue to build a client base that follows the mission & vision of my business and increase that with 4 more clients this year, with the goal of 1 a quarter
#2 give website a new look with updated copy & add new team members
#3 continue to build strategic business partner relationships with the goal to reach out to one of them once a week and to make connections with two new people a month
#4 research becoming Quickbooks Certified and enroll if will increase my skills
#5 take a course in Microsoft Office to learn more about graphs and pivots

continue to review EntreLeadership materials quarterly for refreshment & encouragement (rehearse, execute, review); check in with EntreLeadership friends to motivate, encourage, gather ideas, share and cheer each other on success;  review & define motivation, delegation, responsibility, accountability, and authority in my position so that I have a clear picture in view to stay focused on what I expect of me & my team

theme: renew 
~ my focus to aspire to lead a quiet life
~ my strength physically and overall health
~ an even greater dedicated purpose in serving the Lord and study of His Word
~ my mission to not work 6 days a week
~ learn more about myself and make needed improvements that flow with being renewed

a few verses on renew
Romans 12:2 
renew your mind
change the way you think 

Isaiah 40:31 
those who hope/trust in the Lord will renew their strength
those who wait will gain new strength

II Corinthians 14:6
our spirits are being renewed every day
our inner self is being renewed day by day

Colossians 3:10
be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him
be renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him

2012 Theme:
This years theme is RENEW.

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