Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goals & Resolutions

Each Year, I create my list of Goals & Resolutions for both personal and business goals, but the last 4 years I started publishing them on my blog also.  In 2009 I also did quarterly updates on my blog as to what type of progress I had made towards this goal.  In 2010, I only did 2nd quarter & 4th quarter updates.  I feel it is helpful to take time out and reflect on where you are at and if you are making progress, but that takes focus to make that happen, and then time to actually write it down and publish it on the blog.  If you wish to review 2009 Goals & Resolutions2010 Goals & Resolutions, 2011 Goals & Resolutions, and 2012 Goals & Resolutions, click on the links, you can search for the quarterly updates too.  I have had various goals from 5 - 10, but I continue to find more strength and focus when I limit it to just a few.  This year, I condensed both my personal goals and business goals to 4 to see how much more effective I am at accomplishing them.  I was unable to come up with a theme for this year, but maybe that will come at the end of the year!

personal goals

#1 focus on making my home a place of retreat, safety, security, calmness...this means continued work to get rid of anything that doesn't fit my life as it is now, a single entrepreneur, with elegant simplicity

#2 say No to anything that does not create peace or calmness in my life

#3  resolve to understand and learn that I Am Good Enough

#4  increase my prayer life

business goals

#1 increase business blogging to three times weekly
#2 do an Accounting Course as continuing education
#3 get information on coaching sessions
#4 attend 3 conferences

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