Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Goals & Resolutions

Each Year, I create my list of Goals & Resolutions for both personal and business goals, but the last 5 years I started publishing them on my blog also.  If you wish to review the previous years, you can do so by clicking on these links: 2009 Goals & Resolutions2010 Goals & Resolutions, 2011 Goals & Resolutions, 2012 Goals & Resolutions and 2013 Goals & Resolutions.  Some years I have up to 10 goals and multiple categories.  I find more strength and focus when I limit it to just a few.  Last year, I condensed both my personal goals and business goals to 4, this year at the recommendation of Michael Hyatt and taking part in his course Best Year Ever, I am going to not have any categories and limit it to a total of 7 goals.  Additionally, I am going to skip creating a theme for the year and do it at the end as a reflection of the results of my year!

2014 goals
#1  take care of me FIRST before anyone or anything else {I am very good about taking care of everyone else and everything else, leaving me to not be tended to, squeezed in the middle of all the other demands, and no time for me...this habit needs to change so that I have more of me to be able to give more and be more to those I give to}, this means I will need to say NO to more things and YES to the things that really matter
#2  be even more intentional who I spend time with and my time with friends:  weekly make a girls date, host & entertain company one weekend a month {by fixing a meal and spending time with my friends in my own casa, because I love to do this and have missed it}

#3  increase my intentional efforts daily of reaching out to encourage people by emails, letters, prayer sessions, phone calls, lunch dates, etc to one person every day and scheduling time with my people in person who need it {this includes old friends, new friends, Facebook friends, bible study crew, clients, and strategic business partners}

#4 finish writing my first book, about my life, to be ready to publish by January 2015; I will partipate in Jeff Goins My 500 Words Challenge; I will get headshots done for Author Website by June 2014; I will have live by June 2014  
#5  increase the monthly payment amount on my house to meet my goal of having it paid for by February 2017! {10 years from date of purchase}

#6  resolve to find a way to manage my adrenal fatigue more efficiently and effectively, by digging into more research material to figure out what is not working, why, and how to change it; read one health book a month

#7  create set work hours instead of a begin time only and no end time {gonna try something new to create new work habits};  read one book every other month relating to achieving a work life balance

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